Senior Consultants, Consultants and Analysts

Aytaç Bildik

Has been working for PGlobal Global Advisory Services as an analyst in the department of International Business Development Department. He had been part of team that carried out the Feasibility Study of 4 City Hospitals in Turkey. He is currently working on projects financed by The European Union and The World Bank.

He had won several scholarships in high school and university. He has graduated from Bilkent University, studied economics with comprehensive success scholarship provided by the board of director of the university. He has Certificate of Microeconomics and Macroeconomics received upon graduation from Bilkent University, Department of Economics. He had carried out “The Domestic Automotive Brand of Turkey” as a transdisciplinary senior project and completed a thesis study granted as a research proposal concerning the issue of “Exchange Rate Stability Under Inflation Targeting Open Economy” to the TUBITAK.

Dr. Ufuk Yüzüncü
Senior Consultant

He has extensive knowledge of management and coordination of TA projects, coaching and consulting of project program and project activities. Planning and implementation of training program, seminars and workshops. Management and implementation of vocational Education and Training programs. He has conducted impact research of educational programs. He has managed environment projects, biodiversity, eco-tourism and eco-management. He has experience with M&E system designing and establishing of this system in project activities including M&S for procurement and contracts. He has strong familiarity in the application of EU-PRAG and World Bank procurement Directives. He has analysed  social and economic development. He has also analysed and identified the needs of the SME. He has professional work experience in a German small scale enterprise. He has substantial experience of market research and analysing and labour market analysis. He has prepared TORs for projects.

Dr. Lütfi Tahtacıoğlu
Senior Consultant

Manager with a wide range of experience in farming systems, rural policy, legislation, strategy and rural development. Experience of 12 years in 7 internationally-funded projects in rural development, as consultant and coordinator. Good knowledge of EU Project Cycle management, EU procurement procedures and EU project management.  Specialised in rural development, research and extension strategy, pasture and rangeland management, rural grant schemes, natural resource conservation and management. Organized hundreds of theoretical and practical training program with farmers and farm advisers. Proven leadership skills involving managing, developing and motivating teams to achieve the objectives. Contributed to the development of local capacity with farmers and FOs. Contributed to the establishment of conservation agriculture in Turkey and northern part of Cyprus. Developed rangeland rehabilitation and management models for Turkey and Azerbaijan. Developed land & water conservation techniques for dry land agriculture. Worked on the strategy development and improvement of research-extension linkages. Developed watershed and village based natural resource management programs. Prepared legislations for the agriculture sector and guidelines for grant schemes and supervised their implementation. Participated in the preparation of national and regional development plans with State Planning Organization (SPO-DPT). Contributed to the preparation of strategic development plans, annual implementation programs and investment projects in the Turkish Ministry of Agriculture. Developed on-farm national livestock breeding program with farmers unions. 

Selçuk Dinç